Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Green Alternatives to Gift Wrap

Landfill Clogging Holiday Gift Wrap

I'm starting to get in the holiday mode. Now that it's almost Thanksgiving, I don't mind hearing holiday music in every store. I'm making side trips to the toy department, browsing through the gift areas, and basically spending a lot of time I don't have to spare looking at Christmas decorations and gift wrap.

I usually use a few early purchased holiday gifts, wrapped in festive colors with pretty bows for holiday decorations until it's time to present the gift. Looking at the price of wrapping paper this year, I was struck with the thought that it was a lot of money to spend for those gifts that would be ripped open immediately after they were received. So much of my hard earned money on something that would spend more time in the garbage can waiting for a trip to the landfill than it would spend time for its main purpose.

While I agree that the look of anticipation in a child's eyes is a treasure worth the price, I really don't think there is that much of a payback by wrapping a gift for an adult with all that costly landfill clogging paper and ribbon. There are so many other ways to spruce up a gift with eco friendly, homemade decorations that can also be a part of the gift. Many ideas are given here.

The Christmas tree shape of the herb rosemary lends itself so well to gift embellishments, while at the same time the scent invokes memories of holiday gatherings long past. Once the gift has been presented, the herb can be tucked into a wreath, next to a candle or added to the saucer of potpourri to keep on giving. The rosemary can be picked up in the produce aisle of the grocery along with the other holiday meal purchases.

Homemade cards tied to a gift will also give it a festive and personal touch. Frugal and environmentally friendly, wrapping paper alternatives give the impression that the gift is wrapped in your love.